Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Water Filters: Clean Drinking Water on Demand

A cool glass of water is often a luxury we take for granted. In fact, drinking clean water is a privilege not afforded to many. Note that several health problems come from drinking dirty or contaminated water. This is why your home should have a filtration system to ensure that you have safe drinking water at the twist of a faucet.

  • The first and simplest is the slow sand filtration process. This isn’t exactly best for homes, but it is easy to set-up. All you need to do is to pass water through several layers of sand in one cubic meter area. Two liters pass through the sand for every two minutes. The water will be clean enough, though there may be a chance for some bacteria to get through.
  • Second, there’s the use of porous stone or ceramic filters. Ceramics and stone have small pores, which are enough to let liquids through but not certain sediments or debris. Pouring water through these types of filter will be able to keep out many solid particulates like dirt and even microscopic ones like bacteria and protozoa. Unfortunately, a number of chemicals and viruses are still able to pass through.
  • Finally, people can use a reverse osmosis filter. It works by utilizing a membrane to separate clean water from dirty water under high pressure. The pressure pushes the clean water through the membrane, while the dirty water retains the impurities and is flushed out. This filtration system is quite easy to maintain.

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