Monday, August 11, 2014

Cleaning Your Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Keeping your reverse osmosis water filter system clean is important to keep it in functional condition. As the system itself is mostly used for removing impurities and contaminates, failing to clean the system—or replacing the filters—can cause it to accumulate bacteria, eventually.
Cleaning is needed when the salt content of the filter has increased, even in the slightest. Ensure the cleanliness of your RO system with the following steps:

  1. Choose the right cleaning solution. There are several solutions with different chemicals, and what to use depends on the water’s pH level. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on cleaning to ensure no damage to the filter takes place during the cleaning.
  2. Allow the cleaning solution to circulate throughout the filter. Put the pump on light circulation to drain out the impurities in the system.
  3. Turn off the pump and let the solution remain in the filter. Soaking the system and membrane with the cleaning solution for an hour or more will efficiently clean the whole system.
  4. Drain the pump and let it be for a while before rinsing out the system. Check the flushed solution as this will allow you to determine the amount of filth removed from the membrane.
  5. Rinse out the system with clean water, making sure to remove all residues of the cleaning solution.
  6. You can restart the reverse osmosis water filter system, and always make sure it is working in optimal condition for daily use.

Usual duration of cleaning can take up to four to eight hours, depending on the filth present in the system. Cleaning should be done every three to twelve months. The more frequent the cleaning, the lesser contaminates will get stored up in your filter system.

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