Monday, October 19, 2015

RO Systems Can Remove Minerals in Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that effectively removes larger particles water, making it suitable for drinking. Using semipermeable membranes, reverse osmosis systems filter out such particles. These systems also do much more than expel impurities but also helps in removing minerals that may be present in tap water. Learn why it is important to only drink water that is free of harmful inorganic minerals.

Removing Minerals

The human body needs nourishment from minerals but according to The World Health Organization, these minerals need to be consumed through food and not from water. Humans have a hard time absorbing such minerals through water. For instance, minerals like calcium and magnesium are best absorbed by the body through healthy food and dietary supplementary sources. In some cases, minerals are even rejected by cellular tissue cites.

Effects of Minerals

The reason why the human body does not readily absorb minerals found in water is that it is has a biological affinity only for organic materials. Most of the organic minerals required for proper nourishment are already found in food. When inorganic materials found in water are ingested, the body is greatly stressed to try and absorb it, causing you to be ill. Filtration through reverse osmosis system is one of the best methods to treat drinking water and remove harmful inorganic minerals.

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