Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Reverse Osmosis Machine Offers Cost-Effective Water Purification

As the name suggests, reverse osmosis seeks to flip the process around by making the brine water flow towards the pure water. To do this, one has to upset the osmotic pressure by applying a greater amount of pressure on the brine water, causing it to flow towards the opposite container instead. Membranes with fine pores are used so that larger particles (like diluted salt and other impurities) cannot pass through, permitting only clean water to penetrate the barrier. Fortunately, heavy-duty industrial reverse osmosis systems make this same process viable in a commercial setting. Our product uses a raw water storage tank for the “feed water”, and a pump that generates the necessary pressure. The water goes through a variety of preliminary treatment phases before actual reverse osmosis is performed. These include pre-filtration (to decrease the solutes or dissolved substances present), media filtering (the use of activated carbon and other filtering media to further remove impurities)

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