Sunday, May 31, 2015

Choosing Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Your Water Purifying Needs

A reverse osmosis water filter is used as a water treatment process that uses a membrane to filter out unwanted contaminants. There are other types of membrane processes that can only filter out larger contaminants than in reverse osmosis. Other types of processes include: • Particle Filtration (carbon, zeolite, calcite, mixed media, etc.) • Microfiltration • Ultrafiltration • Nanofiltration • Reverse Osmosis As seen in the chart above, there is an overlap between all of the processes. This is why it is beneficial to complete a water analysis to determine the types of contaminants in your feed water. Depending on the types and sizes of the unwanted particles in the water, a reverse osmosis system or another type of reverse osmosis water filter system would be recommended, along with one or more particle filtration (media filtration) systems before and/or after the membrane system.

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