Monday, May 11, 2015

AXEON Offers Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for Agricultural Operations

Agriculture accounts for 80% of the fresh water consumption in the country. Given how expensive city water is, though, many growers opt to drill wells on their properties to cut down irrigation costs. This solution comes with a hitch, however: fresh well water contains too much chloride, which is abrasive and corrosive to water pipes, and can potentially stunt—or even kill—crops. Thankfully, AXEON Water Technologies offers a proven reverse osmosis water system that can rid well water of excess chloride. Our AXEON M1-Series reverse osmosis water filter systems were specifically designed for commercial and light industrial applications. As the name implies, the system uses the principle of reverse osmosis to remove impurities and produce irrigation-ready water. In a nutshell, fluids with low solute (dissolved substances) pass through a membrane towards an area with high solute concentrations.

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