Friday, June 12, 2015

A Much Closer Look at AXEON’s World-Class Reverse Osmosis Filter Line

No matter what type(s) of contaminant is present in your feed water, AXEON has the solution for you with its efficient reverse osmosis filter cartridges. AXEON’s two most popular reverse osmosis filters are the CBF-Series Carbon Block Filters and the SDF-Series Sediment Depth Filters. The AXEON carbon blocks have a high chlorine removal capacity, which helps reduce odor, SOCs and VOCs from the water. This improves the taste and quality of the water. The high purity coconut-based carbon utilizes the industry’s leading carbon filtration technology to reduce as much chlorine as possible. The AXEON sediment depth filters have a higher dirt holding capacity. They feature a graded density and high chemical resistance. Offered in multiple micron sizes, all sediment depth filters feature four layers of step-by-step micron filtration. This product is certified to NSF Standard 42 and contain FDA listed materials.

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