Monday, June 15, 2015

AXEON Water Technologies Release New Lines of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Recently, AXEON Water Technologies has released two new lines of light commercial reverse osmosis systems: the AXEON L1-Series and the FLEXEON LP-Series. Both systems are offered free-standing or wall-mounted, and feature a compact, space-saving design perfect for the food service industry as well as others which require larger quantities of reverse osmosis water in a smaller space. Before the release of these systems, consumers were forced to choose a residential or commercial reverse osmosis system. The problem with these is that a residential system only produces up to 150 GPD and is not customizable to suit a particular feed water quality, line pressure, feed water temperature, and desired permeate quality. A commercial system is much bigger (so most businesses simply do not have the space for the system), and can be very costly for a consumer that doesn’t necessarily need thousands of gallons a day.

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