Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Value of Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

Water shortages are not confined to California or even America. It’s a global problem.

Brazil, for one, is currently suffering its worst drought in a century. The last time the nation had a drought this bad, the population was lower and the modern water-guzzling conveniences like washing machines either did not exist or were not widespread. This means the current drought is hitting hard and having the kind of impact it could not have had a hundred years ago.

Two of the things listed as causes of the water shortage include heavy pollution of some water sources and a failure to increase the water supply. Both are issues that can be addressed by a reverse osmosis filtration system. One way that reverse osmosis can increase the water supply is by making polluted waters clean enough for human use. The other is by desalinization of sea water.

Although fresh water is in short supply around the world, water per se is not. There is an abundance of water, though much of it is too salty to use for household, commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes. Cleaning up polluted waters and desalinating salty water can dramatically expand our access to usable water on the planet. All we need to do is stop seeing the world through such a limited lens and become more aware of the abundance around us.

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