Thursday, July 30, 2015

How a RO Filter System Can Benefit an Aquarium

People have learned the advantages of drinking reverse osmosis water. However, aquariums may also benefit from a reverse osmosis filter system. Tap water may look perfectly acceptable at first for aquariums, but the minerals, chemicals and bacteria found in tap water can cause serious issues. The best thing to do is use a system that removes these elements.
Problems with Excessive Algae
Aquariums with excessive algae look dark and uninhabitable for your fish. This also increases the level and frequency of maintenance you have to do on your tank. It takes three things to make algae: nitrate, phosphate, and light. Tap water may contain phosphate and nitrate. Combine that with light and, well, you know the rest. Using purified water should help ease the onset of excessive algae, in turn, saving you hours of cleaning.
Saltwater Tanks
Saltwater tanks benefit from using purified water because it is less likely to have elements that will throw the pH balance out of whack. Using tap water with high levels of phosphate and nitrate might counteract with the salt mixes that contain the items that your fish need to survive.

Freshwater Tanks
If you have a tank with freshwater plants, then you know that they grow best in water that has specific pH levels. This is extremely hard to control if you use tap water. Using purified water will easily reach the pH level your tank requires.

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