Thursday, July 16, 2015

RO Membrane Replacement and Maintenance: Ensuring You Get Clean Water

Clean water is important for a variety of reasons. For industrial purposes, pure water is better for cleaning and production. Also, people would obviously like their drinking water to be free of contaminants. There are various means to ensure this, such as the filtration systems and chemical treatments available in the market. One of the more popular methods is the use of reverse osmosis filters. Developed in the ’50s to desalinate seawater in huge quantities, reverse osmosis technology uses the natural process of osmosis to clean water of any impurities. Osmosis happens between two differently concentrated solutions separated by a semipermeable membrane. The normal flow is for the less concentrated solution to move to the higher one; in terms of contaminated water, it would be normally clean water moving towards the water solution with impurities. Reverse osmosis turns this around by using high water pressure to push the dirty water through the RO membrane.

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