Thursday, April 9, 2015

Cleaning out the Water for the Weed

Some say that watering marijuana that you’ve planted for medicinal purposes is no different than watering any other plant. However, the end result could be that some herb may not produce the required kick, no matter how potent the strain. To get the best results from your harvest, you may have to set up a commercial reverse osmosis water filter system for the plantation. 

Ideal Setup

For a hydroponics program centered on marijuana, a preferred reverse osmosis (RO) filter provider may recommend installing a three-stage system for a more thorough cleaning. The initial leg is a sediment filter to stop and remove fine particles. A granulated carbon filter will then clear away all organic material, plus chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride. The membrane itself sifts away any dissolved minerals so the water entering into the main use area will be clear.   

For the Green

There are benefits to consider when using an RO filter device for your plants. Stripping the chlorine and chloramine through the carbon filter leaves the door open for “beneficial” microorganisms to be introduced into the water and help in the cleaning. The absence of fluoride is also a plus for the weed to grow faster during their critical stages.

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