Sunday, April 5, 2015

Reverse Osmosis: Industrial and Personal Uses

Reverse osmosis filtration is an effective way to purify water. Using a semipermeable membrane, high water pressure is applied from the unfiltered side so that pure water exits from the other side of the membrane, with the dirt particles left on the other side. Though water-intensive, the process is faster and safer than a lot of other purification processes with the minimal use of chemicals. This makes it useful for various industries. Here are a couple of examples where its use offer better advantages to the industries that use the system.

  • Desalination. Many countries need fresh water for their human and marine resources, among others. Some countries meet this need by converting seawater to freshwater via the desalination process; however, the normal process usually involves a lot of wasted energy as water is boiled and treated. Reverse osmosis filtration effectively filters out particles and accomplishes this faster and with less energy consumed, which translates into savings.
  • Food and drink industry. Dairy and maple syrup production often use reverse osmosis filtration to separate water from milk or sap to create a purer concentrate.

In your home, the main use of reverse osmosis is to purify drinking water. You can use reverse osmosis filters to ensure that your water is potable and will not have any unpleasant after-taste. Install the system now to be assured of good clean water to drink.

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