Thursday, April 2, 2015

RO Water Myths Debunked

Nowadays, the term “RO water” is pretty commonplace. Despite the term’s prevalence, however, not many people know the truth behind it. That in mind, here are several myths about reverse osmosis water filtering systems and the truth behind them.

RO water is unsafe 

The mere fact that reverse osmosis pumps out almost immaculately pure H2O has led it to be called “dead water” and termed unsafe, which is definitely false. Detractors claim that mineral-free water like RO water doesn’t exist anywhere, yet they’re forgetting that rainwater is also equally stripped of all minerals and is considered one of the purest forms of water on earth. 

In truth, RO water is as safe as pure, untainted rainfall; and over 40 years of scientific research have identified no ill effects whatsoever from drinking RO water. Reverse osmosis technology has been continuously improved to provide just that, and entities like the military can attest to that. 

RO water is completely free of healthy minerals

Contrary to popular belief, RO water is not completely free of healthy, naturally occurring minerals. Rather, RO systems are specifically designed to remove only inorganic, unhealthy minerals from the water. There’s also the fact that humans actually get almost all their minerals from food, and not from drinking water alone. It’s also important to remember that many natural materials in water are actually toxic, and RO systems play an invaluable role in separating them from water for consumption.

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