Friday, April 24, 2015

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems: Fouling and Scaling Treatment

Reverse osmosis water treatment systems are a very efficient method to create safe drinking water. Depending on the water quality, it is important to add on pre-treatment to the reverse osmosis water treatment system in order to maximize the system’s performance and life span. Certain elements can create fouling and scaling on the reverse osmosis membrane. This causes major problems in the reverse osmosis water treatment system and can damage the entire system if left unmaintained. There are a few different options for pre-treatment, but those options can only be determined once a proper water quality analysis has been conducted. Depending on the quality and the actual types of contaminants in the feed water, one or a combination of the following should be added on to the reverse osmosis system: chemical injection systems, pre-filtration, and/or a water softener or deionization system.

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